C’ville pandit, son found murdered at home after suspected robbery

-man arrested

Deonarine and Omkar Liliah

The partially decomposed bodies of a 61-year-old pandit and his son with multiple stab wounds were discovered in their Craig Street, Campbellville home yesterday morning and it is suspected that they were killed during a robbery.

Dead are Deonarine Liliah, popularly known as ‘Dewan,’ and businessman Gopaul Liliah, called ‘Omkar,’ 28, of Lot 23 Craig Street, South Half Section ‘G’, Campbellville, George-town.

The police, who said that the men were last seen alive last Saturday morning, confirmed yesterday that one suspect has been arrested.

Dead: Deonarine Liliah

When contacted for a comment, Divisional Commander Leslie James yesterday afternoon told Stabroek News that the case appeared to be a double murder since both bodies bore multiple stab wounds.

Stabroek News was told that while there were no signs of forced entry into the house, investigators have managed to obtain CCTV footage which shows an unidentifiable male scaling the western fence of the house and entered the home through the northern door.

The man had in his possession two bulky bags and a bucket.

The bodies of the two men were discovered yesterday morning after their tenant, Leewattie Ganpat, 40, a home aid worker, reported that a strong stench was emanating from the upper flat of the house.

Dead: Omkar Liliah

As a result, the woman journeyed to the Kitty Police Station, where a report was made. Upon entering the house, the police noticed that the back door was ajar.

Deonarine’s body was found lying in the living room. His body bore six stab wounds, including to his abdomen and hip. Gopaul was discovered lying face down in a pool of blood with a jersey wrapped around his head. He was stabbed about five times, including to his chest and back.

The house was also ransacked.

Ganpat, this newspaper was told, reportedly related to the police that she last saw Deonarine and Gopaul alive around 6am on Saturday, when they had a conversation in the yard.

The Campbellville house in which the bodies were discovered.

The same evening, the woman said, she was using the internet when it was suddenly disconnected and she heard walking in the upper flat of the house. After this, Ganpat did not see or hear from the Liliahs.

When Stabroek News visited the area yesterday, the area was cordoned off as a number of police officers, including crime scene ranks, were present at the premises.

The streets which led to the house were also closed off and traffic was diverted as a large crowd, including a number of family members, gathered after receiving news of the discovery.

Up to late yesterday afternoon, the area remained an active crime scene and police officers were seen in the yard guarding the house.

A crime scene rank dusting the front door of the house for fingerprints.

Neighbours said they did not hear any strange noises to alert them that something was wrong. “The girl wah live downstairs (Ganpat), she call and seh that how them smelling something funny upstairs. Suh, me nephew from New York call and tell meh if meh can pass through and see wah go on… when meh pass through, I see a whole set a’ police in front hay suh. I call meh wife and tell she the police seh all two ah them dead and deh in the house,” Benjie Liliah, Deonarine’s brother, told reporters.

The man said the deaths of his brother and nephew have left the family in a state of shock. He said he is unaware if the men had any disputes with anyone that might have led to their deaths. “He ah pandit. Them ah live good with everybody,” Benjie said.

Relatives, including Deonarine’s siblings, were also heard complaining at the scene after they were not allowed to see what was transpiring inside the house while the bodies were being processed by crime scene ranks. “Wah I annoy with right now, the police supposed to take a family member with them… dem man got them stuff… well stock with everything, and the police supposed to take somebody with them, even to just look on what they doing,” one relative said.

Deonarine was the father of three children. Gopaul was said to be the youngest of the three siblings and the only one residing here. Deonarine’s  wife passed away a few months ago.

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