More money has to be spent on crime – US Ambassador

-`can’t have cops going after 21st century criminals with 19th century equipment’

Perry L. Holloway

US Ambassador Perry Holloway says Guyana is one of the safest countries he has lived in but if it wants to stop crime from ramping up the Government has to spend more money.

“None of us like paying taxes. I don’t like paying taxes but you can’t have police or GDF (Guyana Defence Force) or other officials going after 21st century criminals with 19th century equipment and institutions. It just can’t be done.”

In the feature address yesterday at the Guyana Manufacturing and Services Association business lunch at the Pegasus Hotel, Kingston, Holloway said, “I haven’t done the exact math but when I look at the amount of spending Guyana does, on a per capita basis on security it is one of the lower ones in the region.”

However, he added, that both the previous and current governments have spent a lot on security…..