Residents thwart three bandits at Zeelugt

The paintball gun which was found in the getaway car.

Residents on Monday night thwarted three bandits as they attempted to rob Dennis Emmanuel, a Stabroek Market vendor, at his Zeelugt, East Bank Essequibo home.

The suspected bandits who used a paint ball gun as a prop in their robbery scheme are on the run from police.

Information reaching Stabroek News revealed that at about 8pm the men launched their invasion and demanded valuables.

The getaway car which was found at Zeelugt Sea Dam

During the attack, Emmanuel called out for help but was lashed in his head in a bid to keep him quiet. However, he continued to call for help and within seconds residents responded, and the police arrived soon after.

The suspects did not hesitate and aborted the invasion. The men, police said, jumped into a Black Toyota Allion and sped away.

The car was later discovered at the Zeelugt Sea Dam, stuck and abandoned. The men, police said, escaped on foot.

Upon discovering the car, a search was conducted, and several documents, along with a cellphone and a paintball gun were found in the vehicle.

The car is believed to have been rented and police are checking their records to ascertain the owner.

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