Contractors get advances for city constituency projects

Contractors undertaking works in constituencies across the city have been advanced 10% of funds to begin mobilising resources and materials, Town Clerk Royston King announced to the council on Monday.

King told the council that upon commencement of the works in the constituencies, the City Engineer’s Department would be responsible for monitoring and assessing the progress made.

He noted that contractors will be paid once the Engineer’s Department is satisfied with the quality of work produced.

At the last statutory meeting, King had committed to ensuring that contracts and funds for mobilisation would be made available to the contractors.

The City Council received $57,688,022 from the Ministry of Communities for the execution of the projects in 12 of the 15 constituencies of Georgetown.

At present, the other three  constituencies have submitted their project proposals. While Constituency Fifteen Meadow Bank/ Agricola has received its approval and funds are expected to be released shortly for works, the other two are awaiting approval from the Ministry of Communities.

Councillors for each of the 15 constituencies were invited to submit proposals for projects, totalling $5 million each.

The majority of the projects focus on the clearing and desilting of drains and alleyways as well as the installation of street lights.  

A special committee was set up to disburse, manage and evaluate the projects. This committee comprises Mayor Patricia Chase-Green, Chairman of the Finance Committee Oscar Clarke, Chairman of the City Works Committee Phillip Smith, City Treasurer (Ag) Sharon Harry-Munroe and Venture.

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