Region Four REO blasts NDC chairpersons, overseers on procurement violations

REO Pauline Lucas addressing NDC Chairmen and Overseers during the meeting at the Region Four RDC Boardroom, Triumph, East Coast Demerara.

Region Four’s  Regional Executive Officer (REO), Pauline Lucas on Tuesday warned Overseers and Neighbourhood Dem-ocratic Council (NDC) Chairmen to follow the established standard procurement regulations when procuring goods and services.

According to a release from Region Four, the REO’s comments came after she requested to address the Overseers and Chairmen from the 15 NDCs during the monthly sitting of the Regional Accounting Committee (RAC) meeting.

The Region Four officer expressed grave concerns at the actions of several of the NDCs, noting that she will continue to send back documents requesting purchasing of certain items and or services…..