Two in custody over slaying of pandit, son

-second suspect had phones belonging to victims

Deonarine and Omkar Liliah

Two persons are now in police custody as the probe into the gruesome murders of  61-year-old Deonarine Liliah and his son, Gopaul continues.

Their decomposed bodies were discovered on Tuesday in their Lot 23 Craig Street, Campbellville home with several stab wounds and investigators are likely to make a breakthrough in the matter soon.

A police source yesterday informed Stabroek News that a second individual who is deemed a person of interest in the matter was detained yesterday. He reportedly had in his possession two cell phones belonging to the victims.

The man reportedly told investigators that he bought the phones from a male fitting the description of the first suspect who was arrested on Tuesday shortly after the discovery was made.

As the investigation continues, the source said that the police are currently pursuing several other suspects who were present at the time the phones were sold.

Meanwhile, autopsies performed on the remains of Deonarine and Gopaul yesterday revealed that they both died as a result of multiple incised stab wounds.

The autopsies were conducted yesterday by Government pathologist Dr Nehaul Singh.

It is suspected that the men were killed during a robbery since the perpetrator/s were known to them. They were both last seen alive last Saturday morning.

Previous reports had revealed that while there were no signs of forced entry into the house, investigators have managed to obtain CCTV footage which shows a  male scaling the western fence of the house and entering the home through the northern door.

The man had in his possession two bulky bags and a bucket. This individual is suspected to be the first suspect who was arrested.

The discovery was made after the Liliahs’s tenant, Leewattie Ganpat, 40, a home aid worker, reported that a strong stench was emanating from the upper flat of the house.

As a result, the woman journeyed to the Kitty Police Station, where a report was made. Upon entering the house, the police noticed that the back door was ajar.

Deonarine’s body was found lying in the living room. His body bore six stab wounds, including to his abdomen and hip. Gopaul was discovered lying face down in a pool of blood with a jersey wrapped around his head. He was stabbed around five times, including to his chest and back.

Ganpat, this newspaper was told, related to the police that she last saw Deonarine and Gopaul alive around 6am on Saturday, when they had a conversation in the yard.

The same evening, the woman said, she was using the internet when it was suddenly disconnected and she heard footsteps in the upper flat of the house. After this, Ganpat did not see or hear from the Liliahs.

Deonarine and Omkar Liliah will be laid to rest today.

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