Kwakwani besieged by floods

-over 300 residents reported to be affected

A flooded Kwakwani yard.

Over 300 residents have been affected by severe flooding in Kwakwani, in Region Ten, as a result of heavy rainfall over the weekend.

An official from the Region Ten Regional Democratic Council (RDC), who did not want to be named, said over 71 households were affected by the flooding at Lamp Island, while another 98 at the Waterfront are grappling with floodwater more than five feet in height.

Officials have stated that the water is over five feet in certain areas and higher in others.

“Most persons’ personal items are being damaged, like their refrigerators, furniture, clothing and other important items. It was caused by the heavy rainfall over the weekend and the rivers connecting. It’s the rainy season and it started since in May but the water level has risen significantly and rapidly over the weekend and is not showing any signs of receding,” an official said.

According to images that were seen by Stabroek News, areas, including the roads, have been inundated. As a result, residents have taken to using boats on the roads, which can no longer be distinguished from the river, to access their homes and other parts of the village.

Those residents with bottom flats have been facing the brunt of the flooding and many were reportedly unable to move their furniture and household items before the water level rose rapidly.

“Right now, we are expecting some more rainfall. The water level from Sunday and Monday to today has risen let’s say about five feet or so and from before [in May] to now it would’ve been between eight to ten feet for about four weeks now. Persons are severely affected from the Lamp Island, ‘Down the Road’ and ‘Over the River’ areas. They use latrines, so their toilet facilities are down…. Right now they are trying to catch the rain water as it falls to use but it is very heavy and difficult,” Chair of the Kwakwani Neighbourhood Demo-cratic Council (NDC) Juanita Leacock said.

She explained that the NDC and its councillors ventured out yesterday and did an assessment and will be making a formal report to the government.

“A few persons have damage at Lamp Island and ‘Over the River’… and some persons are out of electricity because their entire house under water so the utility service had to go disconnect before it causes any more problems. We do have a few persons that get damage to their furniture and household appliances and one woman’s entire shop went under water and all her goods were destroyed,” she added.

Buses and other transportation are having a difficult time traversing through the high floodwaters and as a result, prices to reach the community and to deliver supplies have increased.

The Civil Defence Commission (CDC) is expected to visit the community today to do an assessment of the situation and provide assistance to the residents.  

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