Kwakwani besieged by floods

-over 300 residents reported to be affected

A flooded Kwakwani yard.

Over 300 residents have been affected by severe flooding in Kwakwani, in Region Ten, as a result of heavy rainfall over the weekend.

An official from the Region Ten Regional Democratic Council (RDC), who did not want to be named, said over 71 households were affected by the flooding at Lamp Island, while another 98 at the Waterfront are grappling with floodwater more than five feet in height.

Officials have stated that the water is over five feet in certain areas and higher in others.

“Most persons’ personal items are being damaged, like their refrigerators, furniture, clothing and other important items. It was caused by the heavy rainfall over the weekend and the rivers connecting. It’s the rainy season and it started since in May but the water level has risen significantly and rapidly over the weekend and is not showing any signs of receding,” an official said…..