Research company launches awards programme for study participants

PDC-Research Sweepstakes winner Audrey Reid (left) receiving a cheque from PDC Founder Anije Lambert.

In a show of gratitude to its contributors for their time and knowledge shared, local company PDC Research has launched an awards programme.

PDC-Research Sweepstakes is an initiative funded by PDC clients, in an effort to give back to those persons who contribute to the research efforts. “PDC Sweepstakes is one of our initiatives to show that we value and appreciate our research participants. A lot of times there’re surveys and the people spend their time and they share their knowledge, so we wanted to give back to them and say thank you. We wanted to show a tangible form of our appreciation. So I convinced a group of my clients to come together and I told them, you know, this is an initiative we wanna do, we really just wanna give back to our participants in some way, shape or form. And we started PDC sweepstakes,” Anije Lambert, PDC Founder related to this newspaper.

“Usually, we offer incentives but nothing this big before,” she added.

Charity Essequibo resident Audrey Reid has been the first to benefit from the initiative, as she, last Thursday, was awarded a cheque for $100,000 following a sweepstake held by the company.

“I am so blessed to have won this grand prize. There was a need in my life to be met and God does really provide,” Reid responded, while thanking the company for the donation.

Lambert noted that the recent giveaway was held at the end of the company’s third country-wide study conducted this year. She related that PDC intends the award programme to be a feature of every other such study, but explained that the incentive would be tailored to the nature of the study being conducted.

“If we’re doing a survey on businesses, it could be a grant, where if they need a list of supplies, we, as a company,

purchase it for them. If we’re looking at some consumers, if there’s somebody who wants to go to university, we could probably pay a year for them, or give them that particular scholarship. [It] depends on our target and who we’re dealing with,” Lambert explained.

She related that in addition to the cheque Reid received, there were scores of other beneficiaries of the sweepstakes. Lambert reported that around 40 participants received gifts and 20 others won themselves credit.

“I loved this project because it enabled us to have that component of giving back to the people. As I mentioned before… [the] reality is that we want to remind consumers that the power lies in their hands,” she said. “…We’ve been so lucky and blessed to work with companies that really believe in giving back, so I’m really excited about this initiative.”

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PDC-Research Sweepstakes winner Audrey Reid (left) receiving a cheque from PDC Founder Anije Lambert.

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