Suspected skeletal remains of woman found at Bartica

Skeletal remains, suspected to be that of a woman, were discovered last Tuesday morning at Thomas Island, Puruni River in Region Seven.

A police source yesterday confirmed the discovery, while noting that there was only a brassiere on the remains and some amount of flesh. Up to late yesterday, the source said investigators were trying to determine if any missing person’s report had been  made in the area as part of their efforts to determine the identity of the individual.

This newspaper was told that the police learnt of the discovery after they received a call from a security guard of a mining company on Tuesday. Further information revealed that another security guard of the same company was heading to make a phone call at an internet café when he stumbled upon the remains.

As a result, a party of police officers was dispatched to the scene.  It is suspected that the remains were there for several weeks based on the state of decomposition, the source said.

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