Woman robbed after leaving high school reunion

-friend beaten in attack

Armed bandits early yesterday morning relieved a woman and attacked her companion, shortly after they left a high school reunion at Woolford Avenue, in Georgetown.

The attack took place around 12.30 am yesterday when Judy-Hung-Kem, 33, a Gynaecologist of Lot 134 Da Silva Street, Newtown Kitty, was relieved of her watch, valued US $225.

Her friend, Michael Sam, who was accompanying her, was held at gunpoint and beaten to the head.

Reports are that Hung-Kem attended the St Joseph High School reunion on Friday evening and had parked her motor vehicle, PPP 8660, on the northern side of Woolford Avenue.

Hours later, she walked back to the vehicle in the company of Sam and they had just sat down when they were approached by two perpetrators, one of whom was armed with a handgun.

The armed bandit placed the gun to Sam’s head and demanded that they hand over their valuables.

They abided and handed over the watch, after which the men escaped on foot.

An investigation has since been launched but no arrests have yet been made.

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