CGX is lead sponsor of green expo

Canada-based CGX Energy Inc on Friday   announced its leading  sponsorship of the upcoming Green Guyana Expo and International Business Summit scheduled for the Ramada Princess Hotel and the National Stadium on October 19-22, 2018.

Company Executive Chairman, Guyanese  Professor  Suresh Narine, committed the company to the highest sponsorship level; Executive Sponsor with the Jaguar Package,  for the event which aims at promoting Guyana’s Green Economy, highlighting and educating the Guyanese populace to business opportunities which could be derived from a Green State. 

This is according to a release from the Green Guyana Expo and Summit.

The release said that the Company would be the first major international contributor to the event being organized by the African Business Roundtable (ABR) in partnership with the various government ministries and agencies.

President David Granger is expected to declare open the mid October event. Dozens of local and international companies have already signaled plans to attend and participate in both the Green Expo and the International Business Summit, the release said.

Announcing the corporate sponsorship and contribution to the event,  Narine said that while the company has been  focused on offshore oil and gas exploration activities in Guyana over the past 20 years, “we firmly endorse and support the strategic position that revenues from the extractive industries should be exploited to capitalize Green, Sustainable Economic Development. This is the only viable means through which the quality of life for Guyanese can be lifted to a high standard over a sustained time frame which far outlasts the finite resource that is Oil and Gas,” the CGX Chairman said.

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