Skeldon power company seeking biomass

Still grappling with the loss of access to bagasse for its 30-megawatts of cogeneration power, Skeldon Energy Inc (SEI) has advertised for long-term suppliers of a range of biomass.

In an advertisement in the July 15 Sunday Stabroek, SEI said it is desirous of procuring biomass fuel in the form of firewood, rice husk, rice straw, sawmill residue, residue from the coconut industry and any other available biomass for the boilers for its two 15-megawatt boilers at Skeldon. Initially 5,000 tonnes are needed monthly increasing to 10,000 tonnes monthly over time.

Proposals have to be sent to

SEI is responsible for the management and operation of 40 megawatts of energy at the Skeldon sugar factor. The closure of the sugar estate at the end of last year has left SEI bereft of bagasse. In April of this year, SEI held a public consultation on its needs.

After the cogeneration plant was hived off by the government from GuySuCo in 2015 and SEI was created to run it, SEI purchased bagasse from the Skeldon Estate to fuel the power plant.

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