Shell gas station at McDoom robbed

For the second time this year, a pump attendant and a cashier at the Shell Gas Station at McDoom were robbed at gunpoint by bandits of an undisclosed amount of cash.

The attack was carried out by four men, two of whom were armed with handguns, yesterday  at around 3.15 am.

Information revealed that at the time of the robbery two of the bandits pretended to be customers and went up to the mini mart.

The duo requested a pack of cigarettes and while being served, one of the bandits whipped out a gun and pointed it at the cashier. The gunman then instructed the cashier to hand over the cash before forcing him to lie on the ground.

Meanwhile, two others rushed into the service station and held up the pump attendant and demanded that he, too, hand over the cash he had in his possession.

Upon grabbing the money, the quartet made good their escape on foot.

Police say that they are currently reviewing surveillance footage.

In February, at around 7 pm a lone gunman casually walked into the gas station and attacked three female pump attendants who were robbed of almost $60,000.

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