Miner charged over ganja in Fruta cans

The juice cans containing the marijuana

A miner was on Friday remanded to prison after he was charged with being in possession of a quantity of marijuana, which police say was concealed in Fruta juice cans.

Kester Skeete, 24, of Lot 158 Buxton, East Coast Demerara, was arraigned at the Bartica Magistrate’s Court.

He was accused of having in his possession 788 grammes of cannabis.

Skeete denied the charge but was remanded to prison until August 2nd.

A police source told Sunday Stabroek that Skeete was among two persons who were arrested around 9 am on Friday after the police conducted a search of a passenger boat that docked at Bartica from Parika.

The illegal substance was found in a case that was on a seat in the boat.

One of the boat operators, who is a resident of Bartica, had identified Skeete as the owner of the illegal substance. Skeete and the boat worker were subsequently both taken into custody.

A confrontation was held and Skeete denied he was the owner of the marijuana. However, he was charged based on legal advice obtained by the police, while the boat worker was released from custody.

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