One dozen Parfaite Harmonie homes damaged by high winds

– RDC assessment finds

Twelve La Parfaite Harmonie homes suffered damages after high winds blew through the community last Tuesday morning, an assessment by the Region Three Regional Democratic Council (RDC) has found.

Regional Information Officer Ganesh Mahipaul told this newspaper that a technical team from the region had visited the affected homes and was compiling a report of the damage. He noted that while the regional administration is prepared to help affected families, they would have to wait for the approval from the council, and as a result the report would inform the decision.

Mahipaul also said that the administration is contact with the Civil Defence Commission (CDC), which it is providing with updates of its findings.

According to him, it was initially reported that the winds had ripped off the roof of one home and had damaged three others. However, during the assessment, the administration discovered that the roofs of three houses had been completely blown off, while sections of the roofs of other homes had also been damaged.

“The homes are not located in one area. [They are] scattered throughout Parfaite Harmonie. We also informed village leaders to inform affected residents to come to the RDC and tell us of the damages because we may not know of all,” he explained.

Presently, some residents have taken it upon themselves to repair the damaged sections of the roofs of their homes, while others are awaiting assistance, Mahipaul related.

On Tuesday morning, between 9.30 and 10.30, residents recalled that there were high winds accompanied by a heavy downpour. Not long afterwards, they noticed galvanised sheets, which had become detached from roofs, flying through the air.

Regional Executive Officer Dennis Jaikarran had told Stabroek News in a previous report that one of the houses from which the roof had been ripped off appeared to be vacant. 

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