Nandlall raps continuing delay in releasing security report

As he bemoaned the delay in the release of the Security Sector Reform Report, former Attorney General Anil Nandlall says that the United Kingdom should inquire into the status of its  project here.

“Aid from the UK to strengthen the Guyanese security sector is indeed a noble and laudable gesture. But are those in London truly aware what the situation is here in Guyana and what use is made of this aid?  I think not!” he posited on Sunday.

“The SSRP (report) was handed to the government since 2017 and if one is to take a hint from Minister of Public Security, Khemraj Ramjattan’s response last week in the National Assembly, the clear impression is that the report has not left the custody of the president. It appears as though it was not even discussed at Cabinet and certainly not officially handed to the minister for implementation,” he added.

Ramjattan on Thursday could not tell the National Assembly when the security reform plan, done by British expert Lt Col (ret’d) Russell Combe, would be available to parliamentarians for scrutiny as he explained that the answer lies with President David Granger.

PPP/C Parliamentarian Harry Gill asked Ramjattan when the report, which he described as a strategy that was “touted to end all crime in Guyana and which was handed over to President Granger some seven months ago, would be made available to the House and when it is expected to be presented to the Parliamentary Oversight Committee for Security to be scrutinised.”

“I will communicate to the president in relation to the answers to those questions and as fast as possible communicate the answers to you,” Ramjattan said in response.

Days after receiving the report in January, the President provided few details about the areas the proposed reforms focused on.

When he addressed the Annual Police Officers’ Conference, Granger had said the reforms would entail crime prevention through improved intelligence and proactive deployment, protection of victims and vulnerable groups from criminal behaviour or disorder, and the promotion of greater public confidence in officers through ethical conduct, and the promulgation of measures aimed at building the force’s capacity and capability.

In May of this year, he informed that it was with Cabinet and he assured that it will be made public once it is presented to the National Assembly.

“The report was laid before the Cabinet and when the Cabinet has completed its deliberations it will be presented to the National Assembly and the public,” the president said when asked about the plan following a function at State House.

But Nandlall said that from Ramjattan’s comments, it seems that it was still with the President but hopes that it goes to the Cabinet soon and is brought before the National Assembly and respective committee. “One would also hope it would also go the parliamentary oversight Committee for the security sector and that a copy is also sent to the Leader of the Opposition,” he stated.

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