Musician robbed at gunpoint on Norton St

A man was robbed yesterday of his cellular phone and a small amount of cash by two men, one of whom he lent his lighter to minutes before the robbery.

According to the police, 53-year-old Roger Dyall, a musician from Norton Street, was walking east along Princes Street around 5:30 pm when an identifiable male stopped him and requested to borrow his lighter.

Dyall lent his lighter to the man, collected it a few seconds after and continued walking east. However, when he was walking north along the western side of Hardina Street, the same man he lent his lighter to approached him on a bicycle, along with another identifiable male on another bicycle and stopped him.

One of the men drew a gun from his pants waist and robbed him of an Apple iPhone 5S, valued at $35,000; a gold phone case, valued at $2,500; $2,150 in cash; 6 cigarettes and his lighter, a total value of $41,050, before making their escape.

The scene was visited by investigators shortly after and CCTV footage is currently being reviewed.  

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