Sophia miner shot, robbed by friend

A 23-year-old miner is currently a patient at a city hospital after he was shot and robbed by a friend on Friday evening along Cemetery Road in Georgetown.

At the time, the injured man, who is a resident of Sophia, and his assailant were on their way to purchase marijuana. 

The miner is presently nursing a gunshot wound to his right shoulder at the Georgetown Public Hospital, where his condition is listed as stable.

He was relieved of a nineteen penny weight gold chain, valued $98,000, a gold ring and $80,000 in cash.

The shooting occurred around 9.15 pm.

Sunday Stabroek was told by a police source that the two men left the suspect’s Freeman Street, East La Penitence home for Cemetery Road in order to purchase marijuana. While they were walking along Cemetery Road, the suspect reportedly asked the miner for $1,000 to make the purchase. As a result, the miner retrieved the cash, which he gave to the suspect. Shortly after, the miner reportedly told the police he heard a loud explosion, which sounded like a gunshot, and he began to run. The suspect gave chase and the miner subsequently fell to the ground. Afterward, the suspect went over to him and snatched the gold chain he was wearing. The suspect then allegedly discharged another round into the air and the miner became fearful and handed over his gold ring and the cash. The suspect then discharged a third round, which struck the miner to his shoulder, and he escaped.

Police are currently searching for the suspect.

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