Excavator damages Company Path, Buxton

The crater which has developed in the Company Path Road

A recent drain-cleaning exercise by the Buxton/Foulis Neighbourhood Democratic Council has left residents of North Company Path reeling after the heavy-duty excavator used destroyed the road. Company Path, Buxton, which borders the main drainage trench for the village has over the last few months borne the burden of increased traffic after infrastructure works, such as the revamping of the sea defence and the construction of a new pumping station, left the other two entrances to the Village, Middle Walk and Friendship, nearly impassable. It seems that this main thoroughfare is also about to become unusable.

Residents explained to Stabroek News that while clearing the Company Path trench last Wednesday, the excavator, which appears to be too heavy for the road, appeared to break the retaining wall along the shoulder of the road which has cause the road itself to split and collapse in certain sections.

The excavator used to clean the Company Trench.
A section of Company Path which has begun to collapse.

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