Court acquits accused in Bank of Baroda robbery

Kennard Jabar

Kennard Jabar, one of the four men charged with the robbery of the Bank of Baroda branch at Mon Repos two years ago, was yesterday freed of the charge.

Jabar was charged alongside Eon Campbell, Sean Aaron and Shawn Harris.

It was alleged that on January 22nd, 2016, at Mon Repos, the three accused together with others robbed Raywanttie Lall and Latchmie Mohabir of $2,075,900 in cash, and Shirley Lucas of a .32 Taurus revolver, property of Roshan Khan Security Service.

Magistrate Alisha George dismissed the charge against Jabar after his attorney, Dexter Todd, argued that the evidence against this client was merely circumstantial.

It was the prosecutor’s case that Jabar was the driver of the getaway car. Jabar gave the police a caution statement admitting to the robbery but later explained to the court that he was pressured into giving it because his sick wife was arrested at her workplace and kept in police custody.

Magistrate George later ruled that the defendant’s case was not discredited by the prosecution and that the circumstantial evidence presented could lead to a number of conclusions. The charge against Jabar was subsequently dismissed.

Campbell, Aaron and Harris are still on trial.

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