Cops recover five shotguns, cannabis in Canje River operation

Two of the five shotguns along with the pistol and three live rounds recovered during a joint services operation at Ekura Creek.

A Joint Services operation at Ekura Creek, Canje River yesterday led to the seizure of five shotguns, a pistol and three live rounds along with twelve kilogrammes of dried cannabis and a five-acre plot of cannabis cultivation.

According to a statement from the Guyana Police Force (GPF), the almost 16-hour operation which began at 03:00h also resulted in the apprehension of five males including a juvenile.

The statement explained that the team of 14 ranks including two Senior Officers, one from the GPF and the other from the GDF, first went to a location at Ekura where two camps with several occupants were seen.

Three of the five shotguns recovered during a joint services operation at Ekura Creek.

These occupants were however able to escape into the thick vegetation leaving behind three single- barrel shotguns.

Several miles further up the creek at Wakie, Ekura, the ranks descended on two more camps with six males. One of these males has been identified as a fifteen-year-old while another managed to escape.

A search of the second sets of camps revealed a 9mm pistol with three live rounds, two single-barrel shotguns , and the process-ed cannabis. Also found several metres from the camps was cannabis cultivation with plants ranging from one inch to three inches in height.

The cultivation and camps were photographed and destroyed by fire and the other exhibits lodged while investigations continue.



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