Lawyer’s clerk found murdered

Gregory Frank

Gregory Frank was found dead in his Kururu, Soesdyke home this morning.

It is suspected that he was killed during a burglary.

Stabroek News was told that he was found by the person who usually picks him up in the mornings. Frank worked in Georgetown and was the registered clerk to Abiola Wong-Inniss. When the person arrived to pick him up, he did not respond. The door had been left ajar and the body was then discovered.

The Police today issued the following press release:

Police are probing the murder of Gregory ‘Wayne’ Frank, 46, single, a Lawyer’s clerk and of lot 686 Kuru Kururu, Linden Highway, EBD.

Frank’s body was discovered about 04:30hrs this morning in the “living room” of his one flat home, with a swollen forehead.

The back door was found opened, the entire house ransacked and valuables which the deceased was known to have possessed, are missing.

The scene is currently being processed and no arrests have at this time, been made.

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