APNU+AFC councillors not showing up at Region Six meetings

Yesterday’s statutory meeting

 APNU+AFC councillors have been absenting themselves from Region Six’s statutory meetings since the beginning of the year.

Regional Chairman, David Armogan at yesterday’s statutory meeting pointed out that only three councillors were present to represent the government.

The region has a total of nine APNU+AFC councillors and 19 PPP/C councillors.

Armogan also said that the councillors representing the government have not been bringing ideas to the table, while often times they are hesitant to debate on topics. The chairman highlighted that the councillors on both sides were selected to represent the interests of the people of the region. However, the government’s side needs to be more interested in the business of the region. He said APNU+AFC councillors are “not showing up, don’t represent the people and not coming with ideas”.

Armogan noted that after missing three consecutive meeting and not providing a proper excuse and having it accepted, their seats can be deemed vacant.

Meanwhile, Regional Vice Chairman, Denis Deroop said that the government’s councillors did not make many contributions to the 2019 budget. He said, “That’s no one’s fault but yet it is being pedded at political meetings for government side that this is a vice chairman budget”.

Deroop said, “Everyone had equal opportunity, we debated on projects and everyone had an opportunity to include what they wanted and I think it is unfair for them to be peddling this”.

Deroop said he believes the government’s councillors are failing to represent their constituencies. He said, as vice chairman of the region he has to represent the entire region. “They must understand this because some of them does stand to represent their villages alone”, he claimed.

APNU+AFC councillor, Gobin Harbhajan, who was present yesterday noted, that he too feels that his colleagues have been absenting themselves a lot from the statutory meetings, and are forgetting the importance of their role. He said, if the APNU+AFC councillors presently are unable to carry out their duties they should step aside and allow other persons who are eager and willing to play a part.

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