Manhunt underway for suspect in Timehri youth’s slaying

Dead: Ronsley Clarke

The police continued their search yesterday for the man accused of gunning down Timehri youth Ronsley Clarke on Thurs-day evening at a birthday gathering in Sophia, Greater Georgetown.

Clarke, 21, of Fire Station Road, was shot two times about his body in full view of his friends by the suspect, who has been identified by the alias ‘Short Boss.’

The fatal shooting occurred around 7.30 pm at ‘C’ Field, Sophia and is suspected to have been the result of an old grievance between the two.

Stabroek News was yesterday informed that the suspect and Clarke were among a group of persons who would regularly attend events held at the location.

One day prior to the shooting, they both attended another party and there was no exchange of words between them.

However, on Thursday evening, Clarke was with his girlfriend when the suspect allegedly whipped out a firearm and discharged several round in his direction.

Two of the bullets struck Clarke about his body and he subsequently collapsed.

The police were summoned and Clarke was taken to the Georgetown Public Hospital, where he was pronounced dead on arrival.

Clarke’s girlfriend subsequently told this newspaper that she, Clarke and some of their friends were hanging out at the southern end of ‘C’ Field when the attack took place.

“Since last night (Wednesday) we went on a dance in Sophia and tonight again everybody enjoying themselves at the Iron Bar corner in ‘C’ Field by the Blacka, because is Blacka’s [a shop owner] birthday and everybody drinking and smoking and enjoying themselves and all of a sudden we just see he [the perpetrator] walking slow and chipping coming,” Thomas had explained.

After the man approached the group, he reportedly opened fire on Clarke “and he just pull out he gun and start laying shots on my boy.”

She added, “Like three to four shots ketch he and he run through a corner and he fall down and the man just run away and disappear ’cause everybody scatter when he start shooting.”

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