Subryanville driver shot dead after attacking girlfriend

-bar owner in custody

Jason De Florimonte

Jason De Florimonte, age 30, a driver of Lot 96 Fifth Avenue, Subryanville, Kitty was gunned down this morning at 1.45 after attacking his girlfriend at the Tourist Villa Hotel and Bar located at Lot 95 Fifth Avenue, Subryanville.

The owner of the Tourist Villa Hotel, a 45-year-old licensed firearm holder is now in custody, police say.

According to the police, De Florimonte had a misunderstanding with his girlfriend Christine Rambarran, 24, a Promoter of Lot 96 Fifth Avenue, Subryanville, Kitty, Georgetown. Terrence Newsum, 29, a handyman of Lot 41 E North Sophia was at the gate of the hotel when he witnessed a commotion between De Florimonte and his girlfriend. He intervened which caused the De Florimonte to turn his attention to him.

De Florimonte then give chase behind Newsum who ran into the hotel.

While in the hotel De Florimonte’s attention was then turned to the suspect who had his firearm in his possession and shot the driver four times to the right side of his chest which resulted in his death, police say.

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