Canal No 2 farmers say they took own action to ease flooding

-criticise NDC, RDC for inaction

One of the drains in the area that has not yet been cleared. This photo was taken yesterday.

Farmers from the Canal No 2 area on the West Bank of Demerara remain in fear for their crops as they say nothing has been  done to prevent repeated flooding in the area.

After some farms in the Canal No 2 community faced floods about three weeks ago, farmers say that they are still counting their losses but they have to move on as no one will help them.

“After the flood we still ah count how much we lose but we got to plant back because nobody nah look out for us”,  Boodram Dhanesh, a cash crop farmer, told Stabroek News yesterday.

Dhanesh and other farmers stated that after the flood, persons in the community came together to get the main canal cleared to prevent another flood from occurring.

“It was a self-help something, some people come together and one person that got the equipment just clear it out lil bit, and then we get relief for the water come off the land.”

Another farmer, Satrohan Ganesh said, “We don’t get no back up or nothing from no organization, most people in here is do farming.” Lokenauth Dial chimed in saying, “You farming here, you farming by yourself, no government entity or nobody does come in here and do nothing for you, nobody aint got time with you.”

A farm that was flooded some three weeks ago due to the poor drainage in the Canal No 2 area.

The men stated that as long as the main canal is cleaned there would be no floods in the area. They also stated that after the flood no one from the Neighbourhood Democratic Council (NDC) or the Regional Democratic Council (RDC) came into the area to speak with them. Ganesh stated that when they make complaints to the NDC, they are told to direct their complaints to the RDC.

Some believe that water is not flowing out of the main canal in the area due to a buildup of silt at a section in the canal.

“The man them ah clean the trench right, but just after they clear out the moss and suh it come back again because the front of the canal now silt up, the water can’t move. Even when the koker lock down them got a pump, even the pump can’t carry out the water”, said another farmer who asked not to be named. According to him, the silt build-up comes as salt water is pumped into the canal sometimes, and it usually comes with silt.

The farmers however stated that they just have to pick up where they left off and hope that something is done as their only source of income is being affected.


A farm that was flooded some three weeks ago due to the poor drainage in the Canal No 2 area.

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