Canefield man murders wife, kills self

Rohanie Lakhan and Ramesh Ramdeen

An Albion Estate cane planter yesterday chopped his wife to death and then killed himself at their Lot 101 Kilcoy, Chesney, New Housing Scheme home around 1.30 pm.

The woman, Rohanie Lakhan, also known as “Sabrina”, 29, was in the process of ending their marriage after years of abuse, when the man, Ramesh Ramdeen, 44, originally from Canefield Village murdered her,  leaving their three children as orphans.

Lakhan, who was discovered in a pool of blood in a bedroom in the upper flat of the house sustained a silt on her throat and a chop wound on her hand, while Ramdeen, who was discovered in a pool of blood in the lower flat of the house slit his throat. The suspected murder weapon, a cane harvester’s cutlass was retrieved from next to Lakhan’s body. ….