Contractor declines comment on Essequibo Coast electrocution

Orwayne Cozier

Ramotar and Sons Contracting, the company hired to install street lamps on the Essequibo Coast has declined to comment on an incident on Monday in which one man was electrocuted and another injured while electrical wires were being strung.

The now dead Orwayne Cozier, 24, of Lot 30 Dowding Street, Kitty, Georgetown, an employee of the Public Infrastructure Ministry (MPI) and Ramotar and Sons employee Asif Azeez, 28, were on the ground when they were both shocked at Dryshore, Essequibo Coast. The incident occurred sometime between 1  and 1.30 pm.

When Stabroek News contacted the firm yesterday, an employee related that they would not be giving a comment on the incident but noted that they are still investigating. Before the reporter could ask any other question the phone call was terminated.

Azeez and Cozier were picked up in an unconscious state and rushed to the hospital. Cozier succumbed while being transported to the hospital. Azeez, however regained consciousness while in the Intensive Care Unit.

Police Commander of ‘G’ Division Khali Pareshram yesterday told this newspaper that Azeez was discharged from the hospital yesterday afternoon.

Yesterday, this newspaper reported MPI spokesman Andrew Weekes as saying an investigation was launched by the ministry.   Weekes had however said that “The ministry is still gathering some information pertaining to the particulars of that accident. When that happens we will let you know. We are not making any comments until we have the full details.”  Stabroek News regrets the error.

Police said yesterday that Cozier and Azeez had been chatting for approximately six minutes before they were shocked.

Vibert Balgobin, one of the contracting firm’s employees, was on a utility pole trying to get a wire from one post to the next. As he was doing so, Cozier and Azeez were on the ground assisting by holding on to the spool rack that was feeding the wire to Balgobin.

It was during this process, police said, that the wire made contact with a live Guyana Power and Light cable, jammed a transformer and shocked both Cozier and Azeez. Both men were sent flying and landed some distance away.

The other workers at the scene picked up both men and rushed to the hospital.

Cozier’s body was taken to the Suddie Public Hospital Mortuary awaiting an autopsy which is scheduled for today.

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