Guard believes he is being targeted after confrontation with Broomes, driver

Following his suspension and the revocation of his supernumerary precept, security guard Robert Goodluck, who was involved in a confrontation with Junior Natural Resources Minister Simona Broomes last month, believes that he is being targeted.

Olsen Hazel, Chief Security Officer of the KGM security services, to which Goodluck is attached, told Stabroek News that Goodluck had been suspended since the night of the incident involving Broomes.

When asked how long the suspension was expected to last, Hazel said a definite time had not been set, while noting that the company has taken this course since it needs to “clear up” certain aspects of the matter.

He added that if Goodluck returned to work, he would not perform duties with a firearm. “If he is working, he has to work with a baton. Not a firearm,” Hazel said…..