AFC says ready to prove itself at LGE

Raphael Trotman

The Alliance for Change (AFC) yesterday dismissed suggestions that its  40 percent  seat allocation proposal to its governing coalition partner for  the upcoming Local Government Elections (LGE) was too high and said that it is ready to prove itself.

“You have something currently that says 60/40 and naturally you would go with the paper that you have of that construct that is working,” Leader of the AFC Raphael Trotman told a press conference yesterday at public buildings when asked if he felt the party had made too hard of a demand to APNU.

“Did we bargain for more than we are entitled? I think if you look at the table…we have made our contribution to this coalition government and we don’t believe that we need to prove ourselves or neither do we believe that the APNU needs to prove itself to us. Each of us come alongside each other…and we do not believe that our 40 percent at the National Level is unearned,” he added while saying it was the natural thing to ask for the same at the LGE…..