Gun discovered after man crashes car while fleeing police

A West Ruimveldt man and a Campbellville Housing Scheme youth are now in police custody after one of them allegedly dropped an unlicensed gun before crashing into a utility pole after trying to escape from the police.

According to the police, ranks of a mobile patrol were in Charlestown around 11:30 am yesterday when they observed motor car, PWW149, driving in a suspicious manner and by a “known character” with a male in the back seat.

When the patrol approached the vehicle in the vicinity of Russell and Howes streets they signalled the driver to stop. However, the man reportedly accelerated and crashed into a post on Lyng Street.

They were then ordered to exit the vehicle and during the process the driver reportedly dropped a gun which was immediately retrieved by the police. It was identified to be a .38 Smith and Wesson revolver with a single live round.

The 38 year old driver of West Ruimveldt and the 20-year-old unemployed male of Campbellville Housing Scheme are currently in police custody assisting with the investigation. The car has since been impounded too.

Pictures saved in Dhanash Ramroop folder

IMG201: The car with the side damaged after it ran into a utility pole in a bid to escape the police

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