No hike in water taxi fares


The Maritime Administration Department (MARAD) yesterday said that there has been no change to the fare structure for water taxis.

According to a press release issued by MARAD, the fare for commuters using a water taxis from Georgetown to Vreed-en-Hoop is $100; from Parika to Wakenaam/Supenaam is $1,300; from Parika to Eastern Wakenaam is $1,000; from Parika to Bartica is $2,500; and from Parika to Leguan/Success is $5,000.

The release advised that any demands for additional money by operators and boat owners should be reported to MARAD along with the vessel’s name and the time of travel.

MARAD can be contacted via telephone numbers 225-7330 or 226-3356 during business hours from Monday to Friday, or messages can be sent to the Department’s Facebook page at

While there has been no increase in fares, passengers who use water taxis have explained to Stabroek News that during certain peak times, operators would demand extra money to be ferried across the rivers, especially for the Parika to Bartica route, where an extra $1,000 is often charged.

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