Child rapist gets life sentences

Convicted child rapist Abdool Jamil

Convicted child rapist Abdool Jamil was yesterday handed two life sentences by Justice Priya Sewnarine-Beharry for raping a 10-year-old on two occasions.

Jamil, 66, had been tried before Justice Sewnarine-Beharry and was found guilty of two counts of raping a child under 16-years-old in July.

The court heard that the rapes occurred on two separate occasions; on May 30th, 2014 and on June 2nd, 2014, at which time the child was 10-years-old.

It was established that Jamil had taken the child from her mother’s house under the pretext that she had authorised it. It was during this time that the crimes were committed.

Subsequent to the guilty verdicts, Jamil’s attorney, Clyde Forde, had made an application for a probation report to be presented to the court before sentencing was done.

In the probation report, which was presented by Senior Probation Officer Zola Cameron-Luben yesterday, it was noted that Jamil had been previously arrested and charged for the possession of unlicensed arms and ammunition, however, those charges were subsequently dismissed.

Additionally, Cameron-Luben, stated that in her interaction with residents from the area where Jamil resided, the man had been described as a “bad man,” who dabbled in gun-related crimes.

Further to this, the officer told the court that though he was convicted of rape, Jamil maintains that he is innocent and therefore he had not shown any sign of remorse.

Regarding the effects of the incident on the victim, who is now a teenager, the court heard that she is still traumatised and is often affected by recurring flashbacks.

Meanwhile, Jamil, who opted to address the court yesterday before being sentenced, reaffirmed his innocence, while claiming that he was unable to commit the crime because he is impotent. “I would like to tell the court I am not a rapist. All my life I have never had sex with a young person, much less a child,” he further noted.

Notwithstanding his client’s insistence of his innocence, Forde, in a plea of mitigation, contended that the man had dedicated his time and efforts to protecting and preserving the citizens of this country through his employment with a Community Policing Group.

In addition, the lawyer disclosed that Jamil had recently been honoured by PAHO/WHO for his exemplary contributions towards health services.

Forde also asked the court to take into consideration his client’s age in handing down a sentence.

However, State Prosecutor Lisa Cave, in her response, asked that the court impose a strong sentence to send a message to the public. She also asked that the court consider the serious nature of the crime and the fact that the man showed no remorse for his actions.

Meanwhile, Justice Sewnarine-Beharry, in delivering her sentence, explained that she took into consideration the fact that Jamil misused a position of trust to violate the child, and that he had expressed no remorse for what he did.

Added to that, the judge said the victim suffered emotional and psychological scars as a result of what happened to her.

As a result, Jamil was sentenced to serve two life sentences, which will run concurrently and he will only become eligible for parole after serving a minimum of 45 years in jail.


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