Cops accused of killing Brazilian miner brought to city for questioning

Estevão Costa Marques

As the probe of the fatal shooting of Brazilian miner Estevão Costa Marques continues, the two policemen accused of the crime have been transported to Georgetown for questioning, while several others, deemed as witnesses, were also expected to arrive in the capital last evening.

Crime Chief Paul Williams told Stabroek News that the policemen, who are a Subordinate Officer and a Constable, were brought to George-town for questioning by ranks of the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) Headquarters, Eve Leary, on Sunday.

Williams said several other persons, who were reportedly around when the fatal shooting occurred, were travelling to George-town for questioning also up to last evening.

Among them are said to be Brazilian nationals and relatives of the deceased.

Meanwhile, an autopsy is expected to be conducted tomorrow on Marques’ body, which was also transported to the city on Sunday.

The Guyana Police Force, in a statement issued on Sunday, said that it was discovered that the two accused cops “abandoned” the Kurupung Police Station, to which they had been assigned, sometime on Friday morning. They left on an ATV “for patrol duties, armed with a .30 Carbine Rifle and subsequently joined a boat and proceeded to a Landing along the Puruni River.”

It noted that initial investigations revealed that the two policemen arrived at the Puruni Landing “around midday on Saturday. The Subordinate Officer claimed that he remained in the boat while the Constable armed with the rifle, exited and proceeded to a shop and shortly after two loud explosions were heard which caused him (the Subordinate Officer) to proceed to make enquiries.”

Upon enquiring, the police said that the Subordinate Officer saw the body of the Brazilian miner, later identified as Marques, 37, of Pinheiro, Maranhão, Brazil, lying on the ground.

“The Constable told him that a male (Marques) discharged a round at him and he returned fire,” the police statement explained.

It further stated that two other members of the force, a Subordinate Officer and a Detective Constable attached to the Bartica Police Station, who were in the area on duty investigating a report of alleged threats, arrived at the scene and took away the firearm which was in the possession of the Constable and alerted the Divisional Commander, Kevin Adonis.

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