Ex-accountant charged with tearing pages from BK Inc.’s bank book

Karen Barkoye

A former accountant of BK International Inc. was yesterday brought before a city magistrate on a charge that she tore pages from a company deposit book.

Karen Barkoye, 53, stood in the courtroom of Principal Magistrate Judy Latchman to answer to the charge.

The charge alleged that Barkoye, on March 13th, at Lots 1&2 Mudlot, Water Street, Kingston, being a clerk or servant to BK International Inc., with intent to defraud, mutilated a GBTI deposit book for the said BK International Inc., in the possession of the company; that is to say, she tore pages out of the deposit book.

Barkoye denied the charge and she was later granted her release on $200,000 bail.

The matter was later adjourned until September 3rd.

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