Mahdia declared a township

Road rehabilitation in Mahdia (MPI photo)

The Ministry of Communities yesterday announced that Mahdia in Potaro-Siparuni has been formally designated a township.

The Ministry said that this was done by way of Order No.27 of 2018 published in the Official Gazette dated 2018.08.09.

In a statement, the ministry said that the elevation of Mahdia to the status of a township is in accordance with the pronouncement by President David Granger at the opening of the 11th Parliament.

Though earmarked to have been established earlier, the ministry said that there were some challenges in the demarcation of constituency boundaries which resulted in the delay. 

“It is the intent of the administration to foster people’s empowerment through the strategic embrace of a decentralised form of governance.  Mahdia will be the Capital town of the Potaro/Siparuni region which is part of government’s vision of establishing, in collaboration with regional administrations…” the ministry said.

The statement added that the foundation for the transformation of Mahdia has already begun to be laid with the refurbishing of 80% of the internal roads from laterite to concrete “that will last for decades”. Plans have also been advanced for the construction of a government compound that will house a number of agencies such as the Guyana Revenue Authority, Guyana Lands and Survey Commission, Guyana Water Inc. and other agencies.

The ministry said is important to note, as stated in the Order, the boundaries of the new Region Eight township excludes the titled Amerindian Villages of Campbelltown and Micobie as is the expressed desire of those Village Councils.

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