Lawrence says to lobby for higher salary-scale for health workers

Minister of Public Health, Volda Lawrence says she will be lobbying for a better salary-scale for persons working for basic wages within the health sector. 

According to the Department of Public Information (DPI), she was at the time speaking to staff members of the Ptolemy Reid Rehabilitation Centre, last Friday, during the closing ceremony of a two-week capacity building programme for orthotic and prosthetic technicians.

Lawrence said while she was grateful for the work put in by the technicians and other staff, there was no doubt that salaries of those who labour so strenuously need to be improved.

“We are presently at the Ministry of Health trying to work with the Public Service Ministry so that persons who are branded in some particular fields and have been left there to languish, to address your salary scale so you can be remunerated properly for the important services you provide,” the minister said.  

She noted that the process is “taking a little longer than we thought it would have taken but good things come to those who wait,” she assured. 

Director of the Rehabilitation Centre Cynthia Massay lauded the minister’s commitment to health workers particularly those working at the centre, DPI said.

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