Workers reprimanded for stealing gold over owed wages

A construction worker and a miner were reprimanded and discharged on Monday after they admitted to stealing gold from their employer because they were not paid for months.

The joint charge against Mark Vansluytman, 37, and Shane Razak, 35, stated that between August 6th and August 7th, 2018, at Waramadong backdam, they stole 5 pennyweight and three grains of raw gold, valued at $53,000.

Both men pleaded guilty to the charge

The prosecutor stated that both defendants, who worked for the complainant at his mining camp, went into a box and took the raw gold.

The prosecutor noted that the gold was recovered and returned to the complainant.

Vansluytman told the court that they were working for the company for about five months and were never paid. He then said every time he or other workers approach their boss to be paid, they were told to come back at another time. He also noted that he has children and a family to take care of.

Razak expressed similar sentiments, while noting that school is about to be reopened and he needs money for his children.

Chief Magistrate Ann McLennan then told the men that even though they were frustrated with their employer, their actions were not the way to go about getting redress. The magistrate told the men they should have lodged complaints at the Ministry of Labour. She then reprimanded and discharged them.

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