Tain farmer found on road died of multiple injuries

Marlon Cox

A post-mortem examination which was done yesterday revealed that the Tain farmer whose body was discovered along Kilmarnock Village, Corentyne Public Road during the wee hours of Monday died due to multiple injuries consistent with a motor vehicle accident.

Commander of B Division, Lyndon Alves yesterday told Stabroek News, that no one has since come forward with any information. He stressed that the police however are conducting their investigation.

The body of Marlon Cox, 38, a farmer of Tain Village, Corentyne was discovered with injuries to his right hand and head around 4 am on Monday.

His wife, Savitri Clarence had relayed, that her husband left home around 4.30 am on Sunday morning to head to the Kilmarnock Village backlands, where he worked. However, she had said that he returned home on Sunday midday, after which he showered and left for races at the Number 36 Village, Corentyne.

Stabroek News was also told that the man after the racing event reportedly visited the persons whom he worked with at Philippi Village, Corentyne, after which he began to walk to Maida Village, Corentyne, where his wife’s aunt resides.

According to information gathered, since Cox was heavily intoxicated he told persons that he would be spending the night by his wife’s aunt. It is suspected that while walking to the relative’s house the man met his demise.

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