Aadilah Ali is top CAPE performer

-gains dream scholarship at second try

Aadilah Ali

Aadilah Ali of Queen’s College has made it to the winner’s circle with passes in 15 units at the Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examinations (CAPE). This includes 14 Grade I passes and One Grade II pass.

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Ali who wrote 22 subjects at the 2016 CSEC exams told Stabroek News that she was heartbroken when she missed her chance at the Presidential Scholarship offered to the best performing student.

“I placed third in the country, with 18 ones, 3 twos and 1 three. I missed it by one and I was quite heartbroken. CAPE was my second chance,” she explained.

According to Ali though she has attempted to secure other scholarships she has faced difficulties since there are hardly any that are specific to medicine.

“Medical programmes are quite expensive at any university and this scholarship, the presidential scholarship allows me to study anything. That is why it was so important to me,” she stressed adding that “there were times when it would have been so easy to just quit but I reminded myself that I was going through all of this, for a chance at that scholarship.”

Describing her despondency after failing to secure her future in 2016, Ali noted that it was her teachers who helped her through that period.

“For that first term during Unit 1 I was down about it, silly as it may sound even though I did do well I lost all hope.  My parents tried to get me to move on from this, talking to me and encouraging me obviously. Numerous teachers also would’ve helped me along the way and I am very grateful as that was a very challenging moment for me but it was a very special teacher of mine, Ms Candace Cave who sat down with me and told me that I have a second chance and that I shouldn’t give up just yet. This particular teacher has taught me Math for 4 years and has become more like a mother to me she helped see that CAPE was my second chance and as the New Year’s banked into 2017 I got this incredible surge of hope that I could accomplish my goal,” Ali explained.

Today she is confident and satisfied with her grades especially since they have secured her scholarship. Ali is now completing her application to her short-listed schools of St. George’s University and the University of the West Indies.

“Their medical programmes are recognised regionally and internationally and they are the ones which have been most recommended to me,” she said in explaining her choice.

She wished to advise those who are now about to write CAPE to always believe in themselves.

“While you may fall down and have harsh obstacles along the way, it is crucial to put your trust in the Almighty and yourself. Additionally, you can’t just pray all day and not do your part as well. Work hard, always putting your best foot forward, accepting defeat if it comes but persevering and moving on to conquer the challenges ahead. The road is difficult but the destination is always sweet once you get there,” she stressed, expressing gratitude to Allah, her family, her teachers and her friends.

“Firstly I would like to thank the Almighty. Truly it was Him who blessed me with these grades as I wasn’t expecting to do this well. Secondly, my family. There is no amount of gratitude that I can give them that will be enough for all they have done for me. Taking me to numerous lessons, sacrificing their free time to cater to me and my hectic schedule, and all of their encouragement and wisdom to keep me going. Thirdly my teachers. They are blessings to us students and they do the most, with some becoming like family. They never wavered in their jobs, always giving their best to help us to succeed. Not forgetting my friends and colleagues who offered support and help when I needed it the most,” Ali said.

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