CSEC 2018 Preliminary Results

Two hundred and thirty three (233) Guyanese candidates at the CSEC 2018 secured Grade Ones in eight or more subjects.

Of these, thirty nine (39) candidates secured twelve (12) Grades One or more. These candidates are listed below:

SchoolName Results obtained
Queen’s CollegeChristian Pile         19 Ones
Anna Regina SecondaryShakira Bholo18 Ones,  2 twos
ISA IslamicSalma Majeed18 Ones
Queen’s College     Areeb Ali17 Ones, 3 twos, 1 three
Anna Regina SecondaryCamecia De La Cruz17 Ones, 2 twos, 1 three
Queens’ CollegeHaema Dasrath17 Ones, 1 two, 1 three
Queens’ CollegeAarti Hooblall           17 Ones, 3 twos
Queens’ CollegeReseda Hack15 Ones, 3 twos, 1 three
Queens’ CollegeLeshanna Bindah15 Ones, 2 twos, 2 threes
Queens’ CollegeReseda Hack15 Ones, 3 twos, 1 three      
Queens’ CollegeYashoda Samaroo  15 Ones, 2 twos
Anna Regina SecondaryBegum Baksh15 Ones, 1 two
J C Chandisingh SecDarshanie Jadubir15 Ones, 1 two
Queen’s CollegeReseda Hack15 Ones, 1 two
Anna Regina SecondaryVishal Narine14 Ones, 1 two
Queen’s CollegeKrystal Cummings14 Ones, 4 twos
Skeldon Line Path SecYugeeta Kumar14 Ones, 2 twos
Queen’s CollegeSushmita Mangru14 Ones, 1 two
St Stanislaus CollegeSherlock Langevine14 Ones
Queen’s CollegeKirsten Caesar13 Ones, 4 twos
Skeldon Line Path SecPravena Bhoge13 Ones, 3 twos
Berbice HighRenee Bisnauth13 Ones, 3 twos
Queen’s CollegeNavindra Persaud13 Ones, 2 twos
Queen’s CollegeDaniel Baldeo-Thorne13 Ones, 1 two
Queen’s CollegeShania Smith          13 Ones
Saraswati Vidya NiketanJasmattie Parbhu13 Ones
Queen’s CollegeJaishree Persaud   12 Ones, 4 twos, 1 three
Queen’s CollegeAnsonette Thomas 12 Ones, 3 twos, 1 three
Skeldon Line Path SecSarveena Persaud 12 Ones, 3 twos, 1 three
Abram’s Zuil SecondaryLariel Narain12 Ones, 3 twos, 1 three
Anna Regina SecondaryAlexander Westford12 Ones, 3 twos
Saraswati Vidya NiketanJayaram Sanasie12 Ones, 3 twos
Mae’s SecondarySayyid AAbidi12 Ones, 2 twos
Queen’s CollegeBrandon Chanderban12 Ones, 2 twos
Queen’s CollegeMikayla De Freitas12 Ones, 1 twos, 1 three
Mackenzie HighZoe Sills12 Ones, 1 two
Queen’s CollegeTrisha Heeralall12 Ones, 1 two
Saraswati Vidya Niketan Rowena Gordon12 Ones, 1 two
Saraswati Vidya Niketan Ryan Ramkirath12 Ones, 1 two
Skeldon Line Path SecMelisa Rama12 Ones
The Bishops’ HighKrista Bhagwandin 12 Ones


A total of 12,269 candidates in Guyana were registered for 2018 CSEC, compared to 12,684 registered for 2017.  Subject entries for 2018 were 69,194. An analysis of the 2018 results revealed that the overall pass rate at the General and Technical proficiencies for Grades One to Three was 69.1%. The overall pass rate has improved from 2017 where a pass rate of 63.68% was attained.

Improved performance was evident in 16 subjects, constant in 7 subjects and declined in 12 subjects. Outstanding performances were noted in 7 subjects where 90% and over gained acceptable Grades (Gr 1 – 3). Some subjects with outstanding performances were Agricultural Science (Double Award) with 96.14%, Information Technology with 97.5%, Religious Education with 96.69%, Physical Education & Sports with 99.92% and Industrial Technology – Mechanical with 98.57%.

Mathematics and English

Grades One to Three passes in both English A and English B improved in 2018. English A recorded a pass rate of 67.14% in 2018 and 57.99% in 2017. English B pass rate in 2018 is 78.6% as compared to 44.45% in 2017. Mathematics also improved with a pass rate of 43.39% in 2018 as compared to 39.23% in 2017. Additional Mathematics remained constant with a pass rate 68.45% in 2018 to 68.61% in 2017.


There were improvements and declines in the Grades One to Three passes in the science subjects this year. Improvements were noted in the pass rate for Biology, Chemistry and Physics. Biology moved from 61.98% in 2017 to 63.9% in 2018. Chemistry recorded a pass rate of 56.41% in 2018 as against 47.81% in 2017. In 2018 Physics recorded a pass rate for 66.27%, in 2017 the pass rate was 52.92%. Agricultural Science (Double Award) and Agricultural Science (Single Award) both recorded declined performances. Agricultural Science (Double Award) moved from 98.57% in 2017 to 96.14% in 2018. Agricultural Science (Single Award) moved from 92.37% in 2017 to 86.57% in 2018.

Human and Social Biology achieved acceptable grades this year with a pass rate of 72.49%. The pass rate for this subject has improved from 2017 where a pass rate of 55.35% was attained. Integrated Science recorded a decline in pass rate from 59.21% in 2017 to 49.1% in 2018.

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