Port Kaituma pastor charged with assaulting, threatening wife

Hansel Calistro

A 50-year-old Port Kaituma pastor was yesterday granted his release on $30,000 bail after he denied assaulting and threatening his wife.

It is alleged that Hansel Calistro on August 13th at Bus Park, Port Kaituma, unlawfully assaulted Della Calistro.

It was also alleged that on August 12th at Citrus Grove, Port Kaituma, he made use of threatening language to the woman.

The man pleaded not guilty to both charges.

Police say that on August 12th, as the victim was about to leave home, the defendant threatened to follow her and she became fearful for her life and went into hiding. On August 13th, the defendant allegedly held the woman by her head and pushed her down to the street.

Hansel Calistro, however, told the court that he believed that his wife was being unfaithful to him. He then stated that on August 12th, she left home and did not return. The man said he found his wife locked in a home with another man, whom he believes is a relative of a senior Port Kaituma policeman.

Calistro expressed his embarrassment as he said he had never stood before a magistrate previously.

Police prosecutor Quinn Harris made no objections to bail being granted and Principal Magistrate Judy Latchman granted the man his release on a total of $30,000 bail and then adjourned the matter until August 22nd.

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