Pensioner dies in Pomeroon River boat collision

A boat collision in the Lower Pomeroon River has claimed the life of a pensioner.

The deceased  has been identified as Allan Handy, 78, called `Saga’ of Grant Good Intent, Lower Pomeroon River.

Information reaching Stabroek News stated that at around 4.30 pm yesterday, Handy was travelling along the river when a boat that was heading in the opposite direction crashed into his. As a result of the collision, Handy was thrown overboard and disappeared.

He was later pulled out of the river by members of a rescue party.

Police last night said that at the time of the mishap, Handy was paddling across the river and was close to his landing. He was returning home after visiting his son.

Paul Clarke,   captain of the other boat involved in the tragedy, told police that he did not notice Handy’s boat. Clarke claimed that because of the height of the boat’s bow, he could not have seen clearly what was in front of him. Upon banking a turn, he realised that he had hit an object after which he slowed his boat and turned around.

Clarke told investigators when he turned around he saw Handy going down in the water and a broken piece of board floating. Clarke, the police said waited for approximately half an hour before he contacted them  after not seeing the body.

A search party was then launched by the family and relatives.

After some time, Handy’s lifeless body was pulled out of the river and taken to the Charity Public Hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival.

Clarke has been taken into police custody. The boat measuring 40 X 8 feet along with its 90-horse power Yamaha engine, which is owned by the Love and Faith Church of Grant Good Intent, Lower Pomeroon River, has also been impounded.

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