Volda Lawrence is new PNCR Chairman

Volda Lawrence (right) after the announcement was made. PNCR Leader David Granger is at centre. Annette Ferguson is at left.

Volda Lawrence was minutes after midnight today declared the new Chairman of the PNCR.

She was in a tight race with incumbent Basil Williams and Joseph Harmon.

The final result at PNCR Headquarters at Congress Place came more than six hours after it had been expected.

Volda Lawrence has been declared the new Chairman of the PNCR following elections yesterday at the parties 20th biennial congress. The victorious Lawrence is at left in this photo. One of the two other major contenders, Basil Williams is at right.

Her victory will be seen as a major defeat for the incumbent Williams who is the country’s attorney general. He had held the post of Chairman for two terms.

Harmon is said to have placed second.


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