Garden of Eden man critical after disfigured body found on road

Munir Amin

A block maker is now hospitalised in a critical condition after he was discovered lying in a pool of blood a short distance from his Garden of Eden, East Bank Demerara home in the wee hours of yesterday.

Munir Amin, 30, of Lot 51 Garden of Eden, was discovered around 2 am, with grisly injuries to his face and head.

The police said he was rushed to the Diamond Hospital by his father and was later transferred to the Georgetown Public Hospital (GPH), where he remained admitted up to yesterday afternoon in a critical condition.Waheeda Sue, Amin’s sister, told Stabroek News that he underwent surgery and was in the recovery room up to yesterday afternoon.

She said at the time he was found, Amin’s left eye was out of the socket and his forehead was bashed in. He has since lost sight in his right eye.

The woman explained that her brother, who lives with their parents, left home around 5 pm on Sunday to attend a wedding. Around 2 am yesterday, Amin was found by some villagers who were heading to the market. “They saw him lying there on the road in a pool of blood indeed. He was like halfway in the street,” Sue said.

Following the discovery, she said persons rushed to their house to informed Amin’s parents since they are well known in the community. Sue’s mother later notified her. Sue said it remains unclear what might have transpired. “We are not sure if somebody….I doubt that it was somebody that chopped him but it seems as though it’s like either somebody crush his head, run over his head or something,” she related.

She noted that doctors have told the family that the entire front of Amin’s head was crushed.  “His entire frontal of his head, his forehead, everything there was crushed so more than likely it seems as though something mash he,” Sue said.

The woman said she is unaware of Amin having any problems with anyone that might have led to an attack.

Sue said she is hoping that the police will conduct a thorough investigation and whoever is responsible for the act will come forward. “I am hoping that we get justice. I am hoping that whoever did it, they can come forward and you know admit to what they have done because he could have lost his life,” she noted.

She also expressed dissatisfaction at the manner in which Amin was dealt with upon arrival at the GPH, while noting that he had to wait a few hours before a CT scan was conducted. “Well I am hoping that public [GPH] can increase their attention in these emergency cases because I mean my brother went there since 3.30 this morning [yesterday] and he didn’t go for the CT scan until 9 o’clock this morning [yesterday]. He could have actually bled to death there,” she vented.

Sue, who is employed at a private city hospital, also said that before the scan took place she had to make a few calls to medical officials that she knows. “…And I had to make a few calls… and had I not known a few doctors that working there I would have never gotten through. You never know by now I would have heard my brother is dead,” she added.

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