No arrests for Real Value robbery

Jason Wang’s bandaged head after the attack.

The police have not yet made any arrests in wake of the armed robbery committed on the proprietor of the Real Value Supermarket and his family, during which about $11 million in cash, jewellery and other valuables was stolen.

Commander of ‘A’ Division Marlon Chapman told Stabroek News that although no arrest has since been made, investigations are ongoing.

Stabroek News had previously reported that the attack was carried out between 3 am and 4.15 am on Monday at the Lot 246 Church and Thomas streets, Georgetown business, where proprietor Jason Wang, 40, and his family also reside.

Wang, who was gun-butted during the attack, was later rushed to a private city hospital, where he received twelve stitches for his wounds before being discharged.

Wang, his wife, their six children whose ages range from 15 to two, one of his cousins, known as ‘Tina,’ and his mother-in-law were on the premises when the robbers gained entry.

The crime was allegedly committed by a group of about six to eight men, four of whom made their way into the building. The others reportedly acted as lookouts and were constantly in contact with those inside the building.

Police discovered that the robbers gained access to the building through an eastern door on the fourth floor, which was unlocked.  They then pounced on Wang, who was asleep, and assaulted him before forcing him to unlock a safe that contained the cash.

They also raided the building for other valuables after which they escaped through the main southern doors, which they unlocked. The bandits then joined an awaiting vehicle.

The bandits managed to escape with a quantity of local and foreign currency, including this month’s payroll, gold jewellery, electronics, groceries and liquor. Wang was also relieved of his licensed 9 mm pistol.

The attack is suspected to have been an inside job since the men initially asked for ‘Tina,’ Wang said.

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