Overseas-based Guyanese launch education programme in Canje

Some students and their parents at the launch

Students in the Canje area will now benefit from free Saturday lessons after a group of overseas-based Guyanese launched their first ever education programme in Canje yesterday.

David Armogan, Region Six Chairman, who delivered the feature address at the simple launch, noted that in order for children who come from poor families to succeed, they must be given a proper education.

The chairman noted that this “is a very commendable gesture.” He further said that the Canje Area is one of the areas which is in need of such gestures “because of the fact that many sugar workers who used to work at Rose Hall Estate has now gone out of employment and so there is a big problem in homes now people are not able to sustain their livelihood, people are not able to sustain their children going to school and it has created a problem for us.”….

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