Woman attacked by pitbulls in North Ruimveldt

The injured Ingrid Wilson at the Georgetown Public Hospital after the pitbulls attacked her.

What was supposed to be a routine early-morning walk for 58-year-old Ingrid Wilson to her son’s home yesterday turned into a nightmare after she was brutally attacked by three pitbull dogs that escaped from a neighbour’s yard.

Wilson is currently admitted at the Georgetown Public Hospital being treated for bites about her face and other parts of her body.

When Stabroek News visited the hospital yesterday three of her children were outside of the Accident & Emergency Unit as Wilson was being treated. Wilson’s children were visibly distraught and said that they did not have words to describe what had happened.

According to Darius Simon, his mother, who lives “a little more than a corner” away from his home in Festival City, North Ruimveldt, would usually walk there every Sunday morning as part of her exercise routine. 

“She does trouble with arthritis [and] so she does exercise and come sit down with me and when she ready we would carry she out back because she does live with we sister about a corner away. But what I hear is about after six this morning when she de coming them dogs run out from the neighbour yard and start attacking she just so,” Darius explained.

He said that it was related to him by one of his friends who was in the vicinity of the attack that as his mother was walking on the road, the three dogs rushed towards the gate which was not completely locked. When the dogs pressed their weight on the gate it swung open. Within seconds the three dogs started to attack the woman and her screams reverberated through the community.

At this point, Darius’s friend was alerted as to what was happening and rushed to Wilson’s aid with a piece of wood.

“The gate was pushed in but not locked apparently and anybody that pass… the dogs would jump on the gate and bark on them and when they did this time it push out and they run out behind she and start scramble and bite she up. So I had a friend and is he end up rushing out when he hear what going on and see is my old lady. He pick up a wood and chase away the dogs them and send and call for we,” Darius said.

When the family rushed to the scene they found Wilson lying on the road with several bites and other injuries to her upper and lower arms and at the sides of her mouth. She was picked up and rushed to the hospital.

“When we rush out we see she on the ground with blood and everything in front of the gate and they [the owners] had to come out and close back the gate and they started hollering about how is some dogs from the next street,” Darius further explained.

He said that this is not the first time that residents have had issues with the dogs and even earlier in the morning, around 4 am, when he was returning home he was confronted by the three dogs but managed to chase them away.

Darius said that even though his mother was brutally attacked and fell to the ground in front of the owner’s gate they refused to come out and render assistance and stayed in the confines of their home arguing that it was not their dogs that attacked her.

“We go and we talking and nobody coming downstairs to say anything. The woman by the window watching and the husband on the veranda rowing saying is not they dogs but when the police come and go the dogs even rushing them by the gate and they had blood on them too,” Darius further explained.

 “She look like she get chop up and people does tell them about them dogs all the time. Is not a today story. They does attack any and everybody. They had a smaller fence and they had to build it higher because them dogs used to jump over and attack people. I sure my old lady didn’t even drink tea this morning and this woman can’t drink or eat nothing now because all she mouth rip away and it’s hard to know that me old lady like that because I done lose me father and I don’t want to lose she too,” the still distraught Darius said as he sat on the ground at the hospital waiting for further word on the condition of his mother.

The matter is being investigated by the Police Force’s Criminal Investigation Department.

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