Mingo dismisses call for resignation from local gov’t commission

-following election to PNCR executive

Mortimer Mingo

Chairman of the Local Government Commission (LGC) Mortimer Mingo has rebuffed assertions that as an executive of the People’s National Congress Reform (PNCR) he should resign from his constitutional post.

“…I am calling upon Mr. Mingo to immediately resign and immediately vacate the office of the Chairman of the Local Government Commission.  Why?  He was elected to the Executive of the People’s National Congress Reform at its August 2018 Congress. His engagement in such public political activity prevents him from being a fair actor on the Local Government Commission,” economist Sasenarine Singh wrote in a letter, published in this newspaper last Friday.

In the letter, he listed qualities he believes the holder of a constitutional office should have. Singh said party affiliation alone gives the perception that one could not be impartial. “As Head of the Local Government Commission, whose main function is to deal with all matters relating to the local government system, Mr. Mortimer Mingo is expected to be free of party affiliation much less hold a leadership position in a political party if the perception is to be preserved that he is independent, without bias and is fit to carry out his functions professionally and objectively,” he wrote…..

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