Hinds says Granger’s criticisms due to push back over BV speech

Dr. David Hinds

Political analyst and Working People’s Alliance (WPA) executive Dr. David Hinds believes that the recent criticisms of his writings by President David Granger were in reaction to the push back against the Head of State’s rebuke of African Guyanese. 

“I think President Granger is trying to walk back his BV (Beterverwagting) speech and is using my columns as the jumping off point,” Hinds said in response to Granger’s comments at the Cuffy 250 State of the African-Guyanese Forum at the Critchlow Labour College on Sunday.

“It would have been easier for him to just say that his BV comments were out of place and move on. After the BV speech, it is hard to come back a few weeks later and accuse others of exactly what one did—what could be more reckless than using the very narrative of inferiority to describe your followers that has been used by their tormentors?” Hinds said…..

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